Setup Video Conferencing in Bhubaneswar or Anywhere in India

Mars Vision is an Audio Visual Equipment Dealer in Bhubaneswar. We provide sales, installation, and maintenance of Video Conferencing devices in Bhubaneswar. We also serve nearby locations such as Cuttack, Puri, Berhampore and Video Conferencing in Bhubaneswarmajor metro cities in India. If you are an organization who wants to set up video conferencing in Bhubaneswar or these areas, we can help you set this up.

Video conferencing is a live visual communication between people who are at multiple locations. A Video Conferencing system makes use of display television with internet or telephone network to transmit text, images, video, and audio between multiple locations in real time.

Organizations having many branches at multiple locations need video conferencing for day to day communications. It is also used for conducting virtual meetings between vendors and clients located in different states, countries, or even continents. By making use of video conferencing your organization could grow beyond physical or geographical barriers.

Set up Video Conferencing in Bhubaneswar

Mars Vision helps set up your Video Conferencing Facility in Bhubaneswar or anywhere in India. This enables you to have more interactive meetings and discussion with your peers or Clients. This also increases the efficiency of your infrastructure, human resources, and overall branding.

Video Conferencing Features ListVideo Conferencing in Bhubaneswar

You can enjoy the following features of a video conferencing system after we set up the same at your Office.

  1. Scheduling: You can schedule your conferencing from Outlook, Google & other major web portals.
  2. Calendar Integration: Meetings appear on all calendars throughout your Organizations.
  3. Record: your video conferences.
  4. Multiparty: Based on the device, you can connect up to 15 parties in your conference.
  5. Screen Sharing: Collaborate your content in real time across geographical boundaries.
  6. HD Quality: of both video & voice.
  7. Secure: connections with end-to-end encryption.
  8. Join via Phone: Anyone can join into the conference by dialing through phone, from anywhere around the world.

Pre-requisites of Video Conferencing System

You must have a high-speed internet connection at your premises. This is a pre-requisition for the system to be able to upload and download high-quality audio/video. We recommend a High Speed Leased line internet connection of 2 MBPS or more.

Video Conferencing Equipment Installation – by Mars Vision

Installation of Video Conferencing devices and equipment are mostly plug-&-play so it can be done in under one day. We deal with brands such as Polycom, TANDBERG, Cisco, Avaya etc. Call us at +91 0674 – 2567042/43 or 9438387183 (cell) for detailed information about video conferencing setup in Bhubaneswar or any other city in India.

If you just want phone conferencing for your Office, you can employ Business Phone system by Mars Vision, such as EPABX.

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