PBX Features List – The Ultimate List of All EPABX Features

PBX Features List

Mars Vision Private Limited company deals with EPABX system (Or simply PBX). The full form of which is Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange. A PBX system is a communication system within an Organization through business phones.

Here is a list of Features that a typical EPABX system includes.

  1. Auto Call Attendance: EPABX attends the incoming calls automatically, eliminating the need of a full-time receptionist.
  2. Auto Call Distributor: – The distribution of incoming calls to the Caller’s desired Department. (Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, etc)
  3. Auto Call Routing: Where callers are routed to a given employee by keying or speaking the letters of the employee’s name.
  4. Auto Ring Back: If a phone number you have called is busy, and you hang up; this feature reminds you through a call as soon as the desired number is available.
  5. Call Accounting: Capture, record, and bill every telephone usage within your Organization.
  6. Call Forwarding when Absent/Busy: Forward the incoming call to another fixed line or mobile when the recipient is absent or busy.
  7. Call Parking: The PBX system allows you to temporarily park a call, make few other calls and then retrieve the parked call dialing the parking extension. Another user could retrieve the parked call too.
  8. Call Waiting: Just like cell phones, EPABX system features includes Call Waiting as well.
  9. Conference Call: It is easy to get into a conference call with any number of users within an Organization, using this Conference features of EPABX.
  10. Custom Greetings: You can set a custom greeting for the auto attendant voice. It can be a pre-recorded message or any other audio.
  11. Speed Dialing: You can set any of the dialing numbers on your phone for fast dialing of frequently used contacts.
  12. Direct Inward Dialing: Our PBX also features DID from other phone companies.
  13. Direct Inward System Access (DISA): EPABX systems internal features can be accessed from an outside telephone line.
  14. Do Not Disturb (DND): You can bar a pre-set list of numbers from calling into your PBX environment.
  15. Follow-me: You can forward all calls to your extension to another extension that you are currently sitting in, simply dialing a follow-me code.
  16. Music on Hold: Have the PBX system play any music of your choice while the user is on hold.
  17. Night Service: Incoming calls to the PBX machine are automatically rerouted to ring only at designated night answering phones such as the security desk.
  18. Shared Message Boxes: where a department can have a shared voicemail box.
  19. Voice Mail: Send a voice message in case the recipient is busy or unavailable.
  20. Voice Paging (PA system): Address a large number of people or the public using voice paging.

You can refer the PBX Features List above when making a purchase decision for PBX system in Bhubaneswar or anywhere else.

Also, see Mars Vision’s PBX solutions. We deal with a range of PBX brands which include most or all of the above features.

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