Mobile Solutions

Like the websites & web applications mentioned above, MarsVision also develops mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms. Mobile apps are miniature & lite versions of bigger websites or web applications, providing a lightweight & mobile usage of the same, on your cell phone.

If you are a sizable business with a large customer base, you could build a mobile app and encourage your users to use it. A mobile app helps an organization in the following way.

  1. The basic functionality of your web application or website as a lightweight cell phone application.
  2. Much easier to learn & use for the end user
  3. Your business notifications stay with the user even if he is away from the office, through their cell phones.
  4. You get valuable analytics & insights on your consumer behavior, such as the time, day and frequency at which your customers interact with your business. This could be used to further strengthen your service delivery & growth.
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