Digital Marketing

Since the last few years, the Internet has taken over all of our lives. WhatsApp replaced traditional SMSes, Facebook & Twitter has redefined keeping touch, Youtube channels have replaced TV and so on. A staggering 450 million people in India use the Internet, and each month 1-5 million new users start using the internet in India.

Even then, internet penetration in India is only about 31% of the population. This is only the tip of the iceberg and to grow rapidly for the next decade or so. That’s why the potential of digital marketing is immense. Digital Marketing is when you showcase your products & services to the millions & billions around the World, using the Internet.

Mars Vision brings forth innovative digital marketing solutions for the small businesses in India & also around the world. We promote your business in such a way that whenever your target customer is looking for your product & services, you are one of the first few to grab their attention.

Our Digital Marketing Methods:

There are literally thousands of channels to promote your business online. But our promotion model is simple. First, we research your business and your target customers. Then we build your presence & portfolio over at those places where your audiences spend their time. May it be Google searches, relevant Blogs, Forums, Videos, Infographics or Social media.

Following are some of the powerful digital marketing methods we use.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is combining the science behind search engine functioning with the art of Customer engagement. Implementing SEO on your website results in the following.

  1. Your desired web page get listed in the top 10 positions of Search Engines (such as Google or Yahoo) for your targeted keyword.
  2. your audiences click your URL link to go to your website and engage with it. Like reading some information, making an inquiry etc.
  3. Over time, you get more & more traffic, leads & inquiries for all your products & services this way.

Search Promotions

The Internet has diversified channels to promote your content. Search Engines like Google are no longer the only Content Giants like they used to be. Apart from targeting top SERP rankings, you could find and target your customers at many other portals such as Quora, YouTube, Reddit, Image sharing sites like Instagram & Pinterest, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, technology Forums like the Warrior Forum and many others.

This mode of passive search promotion makes you directly visible to your users and gets you relevant traffic from day 1.

Content Writing

Any form of marketing starts with engaging content, and especially true for Digital Marketing. Content in the form of text articles, blog posts, videos, infographic, Memes, explainer posts & videos, How-to guides, animations, Gifs, images and photos that go viral; we produce and curate them for you which acts as the backbone of your digital marketing or content strategy.

Blog Management

Every modern day Business that cares about its internet presence, could do much better by owning and managing a Blog. An informative, frequently updated blog portrays you as an authority website in your niche, as well as increase your SEO rankings. Mars Vision could help create and manage your blog for you ongoing basis.

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