Application Development

Web Applications are different from simple websites in terms of their functionalities. Through a web application, a user could interact with the website, connect to backend databases and not just view pages. Popular Job Portals, Travel Booking Sites, Gaming sites, Social Networks are examples of web applications.

Web applications could immensely make your life easier if you are a company who wants to:

  1. Streamline your internal departments and functions; such as operations, sales and project management, etc.
  2. Move away from the traditional desktop and local area network platform which is by & large buggy & small scale.
  3. Gain more clients or better service your existing clients by offering user-friendly services & solutions.
  4. Offer new, innovative services or solutions to online users and businesses
  5. Reach and service millions of consumers and businesses

Google is the most popular example of a Web Application. Other popular examples in India are Make My Trip, Facebook etc.

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